For any student interested in karting, we offer introductions to get to know A La Kart and karting in general. We organize an introduction event twice each year. This event is a rental kart race for anyone interested in joining the club. Here you get to know the track, how to drive a kart and how to behave safely. After doing an introduction event, you may become member of A la Kart! Since this event is using the rental karts of Kartbaan Oldenzaal, the regular karting prices are applicable here.

The event are usually organised around October and April. If you sign up via the link below, you will get an email as soon as we have plans to organize the next event!

If you cannot attend an introduction event, it is also possible to join one of the regular training sessions. However it is highly preferable to join a normal introduction event, as this is a much safer starting point and easier to plan. This costs €20, excluding gasoline costs. However, if you decide to join the club, the introduction fee is deducted from your first membership fee. Register below and we will contact you with potential dates.


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